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That's one whopper of a title and it's one whopper of a Video Blog Tutorial. Watch a free lesson on [tag-tec]Video Blogging[/tag-tec] by Mike Stewart aptly named [tag-tec]Advanced Business Blogs, New Media Marketing, Podcasting & Video Blogs[/tag-tec] in WordPress. It’s 80 minutes and I was up until 2 am watching this free tutorial, just one of many [tag-tec]free tutorials[/tag-tec] from a new site called *

Mike is quite entertaining and very informative but if you have other tasks to do you could break the video up into 2, 3 or 4 chunks of time by hitting pause.

I knew a bit about [tag-tec]Podcasting[/tag-tec] but I didn’t realize it was that easy. So enjoy the show get some popcorn and get ready to turn your blog up a notch.

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*While there you’ll find free information as it relates to internet marketing, golf, family, health, and so many other topics. Information that experts are giving away hence the name FreeiQ, go do a search, poke around you will be amazed.